It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of our beloved pasture-raised pig farm Crack Willow Farm.


Unfortunately we have not been immune from the nationwide squeeze on the pork industry, with the impact of the drought and other external factors becoming too great to bear.


Having started out with virtually no experience in farming, we are enormously proud of what we’ve achieved in five years of operation. There have been so many highs, including hosting school excursions, featuring on menus in some of Australia’s top restaurants, speaking at industry events, featuring in a coffee table book and various magazines and being the only pork producer in NSW to win a Delicious Magazine State Produce Award in 2017.


But more importantly, we are proud that we have produced truly natural, ethical and sustainable pork for our customers. We’ve done the right thing by the animals, by the environment and by the consumer …  there aren’t many businesses who can attest to that.


We have made so many friends through this business, and have reconnected with old friends who shared our passion for pasture-raised pig farming.


We are enormously grateful for all the support we have received from the Oberon community and beyond, from the farming and hospitality industries, from our customers, all our followers on social media and, of course our family and friends.


Sadly, we are not alone in our exit from pork production in NSW. We have seen many fellow pasture-raised pig farmers quit the industry of late and these pressures are being felt right across Australia. If you want to know more, you can read about it here.


We hope you continue to support Aussie farmers, especially those in genuinely pasture-raised pig production. Know where your food comes from and how it has been produced. For example, did you know 75% of all bacon consumed in Australia is imported? Try to source meat that has been produced naturally, ethically and sustainably. Eat seasonal, locally sourced produce. Go to your local farmers market. Educate yourselves. It’s so, so important.


We hold a glimmer of hope that a change in the current climate could see us return to the industry we love. But for now, our farm is closing the gate indefinitely.


Thanks again for all your support of our beloved Crack Willow Farm.

July 2019